Repro with muscle for the big jobs

reprocentret supplies print forms and ready-to-print materials for flexo and offset print from the smallest to the biggest job. We bring 30 years of experience and specialisation to the job, combined with the technology and vision that has made us a noted and respected supplier of materials to the European packaging and label industries.

We have a broad understanding of your orders and easy access to complementary know-how and services to your benefit.
We decided long ago that reprocentret will be at the forefront of testing and investment in new, promising technologies. For example: we were the first in Denmark to invest in the production of photopolymer sleeves and later in HD Flexo, giving our clients photo-realistic 3D-visualisations. We were the first in the world to introduce Full HD Flexo in 2014, with its incomparable results that quickly became the preferred method for packaging print.

Our 55 highly-experienced personnel ensure you the full benefit of technology, the very highest quality and delivery on time for any job - even with tight deadlines.

Flexo - the standard of the future

reprocentret is at the cutting edge of technology when it comes to flexo print. We work digitally throughout the process of flexo, to ensure the final product retains high quality throughout the production process and is delivered to you on time and as specified.

No less than three Esko-Graphics CDI machines mean we can take on jobs of any size - the only Scandinavian producer of photopolymer sleeves. We produce digital plates in formats of up to 1270 x 2030 cm, and stock most thicknesses from DuPont and Flint Group, meaning we are ready for production as soon as you place your order.

Software and optics from Esko Graphic mean HD flexo in resolutions of up to 4000 dpi, giving a totally round point on the finished plate to optimise all subsequent processes. That reduces the need for cleaning plates and streamlines production. And the price - the same as for a digital plate!
We invested in equipment for Full HD flexo in 2014, not just for flat plates but also for photopolymer sleeves. That means new standards for contrast and colour saturation and a level of quality never seen before.

Digital test print allowing for the small marginals

We supply print and posters in a range of paper weights and price classes with and without UV colours and in formats from A4 to 1.6 x 10 metres.

We were the first in Northern Europe to invest in two Man Roland printers with built-in die cut. That means we can print using the works' print baskets and on a number of different materials to meet most requirements. The quality of the two new machines is fully comparable with that you know from Kodak Approval.

And naturally, your order includes fast delivery, top service and advice to ensure the right quality!

When reprocentret talks about test print, we're talking about a test job on a printing machine when your profile has been entered into our output units. That's the only way we could guarantee that the printed result complies with approved print.

We can use the same colours and materials on our JM Heaford test print machine as those used for the actual print run. That guarantees the best possible result.

If test printing on materials such as tin, plastic, paper, film etc., we use our Kodak Approval machines set to the same profiles as own printing machine to make sure the result matches the final print.

"ITR" - Preparation for top quality

reprocentret is an experienced and up to date supplier of round print forms, and we supply most of the european market.

We work with leading manufacturers, including such as Zecher and Daetwyler SwissTec. Combined with our advanced production equipment, we have the capacity and competences to deliver Anilox rollers for flexo print machines and photopolymer sleeves, and accompanying cushion adapters.

You can also order various types of wiping blades from reprocentret, so that we can supply a solution that meets your needs regardless of machine and format.

3D makes decisions easier

reprocentret allows you to test packaging in 3D before committing to production. We work in close consultation with our sister company rcdigital for trays, films, tin or plastic etc. Our efficient set-up means we can often deliver a solution within hours when others take days.

Agency and professional cooperation

reprocentret is proud to be an agent in Scandinavian for Kurt Zecher GmbH. Zecher is known worldwide for their Anilox rollers, which are manufactured to worldwide flexo machines. Zecher is known for their good stable quality as well as having a high degree of inovation. An inovation brings all the benefits that want to raise their quality by running Full HD flat top dot with pixel +.

We are experiencing a strong growing interest in the many specialty products in the field of Doctor Blades / Sheets, which Daetwyler SwissTech has in their portfolio. If there are special challenges or requirements, we have a steel that is just right. We are fully competitive both in terms of price and quality. If you are facing a challenge, big or small, we are ready to help.

For more information! Please contact Henrik Lebeck Kofoed on phone: +45 40 99 45 44 or mail:

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